AfroZons Dubai Soundoff

The Afrozons Dubai Soundoff is a premier, one of a kind travel experience, courtesy of Dubai Tourism and Afrozons Radio. The trip gives visitors a great experience into the adventure and great fun that is Dubai, with celebrity Radio hosts from several countries. By the time the curtain is drawn on the trip, it will increase the awareness of Dubai, among global audiences and once again bring to light Dubai’s position as the world’s leading tourism destination and commercial hub.

Brought to you by Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism), and Afrozons Radio (the first-ever Afrobeats show on a major US radio FM network), there will be giveaways offered in select African countries and the USA, by celebrity radio hosts. Each radio host will giveaway 5 trips to listeners, fans and their general audience for a paid trip to visit Dubai in March 2022. Each winner is permitted to include a companion for the trip (Terms & Conditions apply).

This all begins in October 2021, with the giveaways from 14 radio stations in the selected countries: Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Angola, Zambia and USA. The giveaway trip to Dubai will comprise of 2 Roundtrip Flight Tickets, hotel accommodation for 6 nights, Entry Permit (Visa), Ground Transportation in Dubai, Airport Transfer in Dubai and Leisure Tours with the radio hosts.

However, this opportunity is not limited to just winners, as the Dubai experience is for everyone to revel in. Hence, in addition to the giveaways, affordable travel packages to experience the Afrozons Dubai Soundoff will be available from select travel agencies in the 14 countries. The packages, and all information about the Afrozons Dubai Soundoff can be found at Here.

Be sure to listen to the radio host show in your country, and stand a chance to win one of the giveaways!  Your companion will thank you! And if you don’t win, don’t give up….. Buy an affordable package from any of the select travel agencies for the Afrozons Dubai Soundoff!

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