Having started as an MC in Lisbon in the early 2000s at a very young age, Eva Rap Diva soon earned the respect of both the hip hop community and the public thanks to her freestyling skills and her feisty rhymes.

Still in Portugal, she quickly managed to build a strong following on Youtube. She soon started to build up her writing skills and was featured in several albums and mixtapes such as Praticamente by Sam the Kid, a mixtape Incendiários or another mixtape by DJ Cruzfader, among others. She also started a long-lasting friendship and cooperation with rapper Capicua, with whom she still frequently works (Porcas, Feias e Más; Guerrilha Cor de Rosa). In 2009, Eva moves back to Angola, her homeland, where she starts working as a fulltime rapper and radio speaker. Her first solo album, “Rainha Ginga do Rap” is released in 2014, followed by “Eva” in 2018. In her works, she often criticizes hegemonic masculinity, calling for gender equality. Today, Eva is considered the “Queen” of Angolan rap. The present work aims at offering a closer look into Eva Rap Diva’s work in the building of a career as a successful rapper and activist in order to discuss the difficulties, as well as the good results, of female entrepreneurship.

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