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Osei is diverse and multitalented. Born in Ontario, Canada, Osei didn’t speak English as his family is from Ghana, West Africa. He learned the English language, went to college and in Washington, D.C. is where he began his career on a commercial level.
His dream was to do more with multimedia like television, film and production. Osei was heavily involved with music as an executive. He believes music has historical connections and that there is a musical soundtrack to every major incident that happened to Blacks in the community. These soundtracks are fused with love, pain, healing and hope. 

Osei’s segment on 100.3 The Beat! is different in that selections are tailored to the people in St. Louis with hit after hit of throwbacks, hip hop and R&B. 

As a radio D.J., Osei suggests to aspiring D.J.’s to, “Open your minds to the business, figure out what your personality is and apply that to the music. Being great is about understanding what about you makes you great at what you do.”
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